In these posts we shall examine some of the difficult questions of existence, such as

  • Is there free will?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Are Psychic Powers Real?
  • Is there a God?
  • What is the origin of life?
  • Are we alone in the Universe?

We can add to these the great cosmological questions:

  • How did the Universe begin (if it did)?
  • What is the ultimate fate of the Universe?

First, let’s consider psychic powers.  Are they real?  In addition to studying the parapsychological literature on the subject,  I decided to take a psychic training course, from a local church, to find out.  In the training program, you have the opportunity to do readings.  I did many readings.  I received a lot of validation from the people I read.  I was considered a good reader and a healer.  I saw how I could simply close my eyes and look at the pictures that were shown to me, and explain them as best I could.  I have mostly set that aside for now.  I still use my intuition as I go about my business, but I do very few readings.  However, I have retained a deep faith and as some would say, a degree of wisdom.  So I can say with surety that there are psychic powers.

I have also studied Qi Gong, the ancient Chinese energy practice.  In doing a practice like Qi Gong, one learns to perceive that which people have variously called “chi” or “subtle energy.”  It does seem to be a learnable perception.  But what is chi, or energy?  Is it an electromagnetic field that you can subtly perceive?  Is there such a thing as electromagnetic perception? Chi as well as involuntary emotion may well be a form of electromagnetic perception.  Emotions or chi may literally be charges and fields in the body.  Moving the chi consciously is rather like making emotional feeling and perception voluntary and less involuntary.

In addition to these practices, I also looked into the science of parapsychology, or psychic research.  I learned that many studies confirmed or suggested the existence of a “psi” effect, although a small one in laboratory settings.  It seems that psi power is related to the intensity of emotion. In highly charged personal settings, psi power may be much higher, perhaps even reaching the level of spontaneous, uncontrolled poltergeist activity.   

So yes, there are psi powers.  They may be electromagnetic in nature.

Is there free will?  Is there life after death?

The easier question is the one about life after death.  The free will question is much harder.  So first, life after death, or, perhaps better, life before birth.  First, read Ian Stevenson, “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation.”  And read the Journal of Scientific Exploration, publishing scientific studies of so-called paranormal phenomena.  A very credible source.  And in these reports, one reads that the latest trend in reincarnation research is children who remember past lives, and who also happen to  have birth defects,  and specifically those cases where the previous life can be identified from the children’s spontaneous memories of their previous life, and the injuries that were inflicted in death are found to be closely related to the birth defect.  So, there is a pattern that guides the body’s formation, a pattern that corresponds to the body but is independent of the body.  Seeing as how it is shaped like a body but consists not of matter but of electromagnetic energy, you could call this an energy body or light body.  This pattern is capable of being damaged by damage to the physical body, and a damaged light body affects the development of the fetus it is incarnating into, such that the fetus develops a body that has birth defects.

So, the primary evidence of life after death comes from the evidence for life before birth, in the form of reincarnation. This doesn’t say that we always reincarnate, or that everyone reincarnates, or that reincarnation per se is necessarily entirely sequential, or that we can or cannot be reborn as animals.  It just establishes human to human reincarnation and the immortality, if not eternality, of the soul.  If you then add near-death experiences to the equation, where people have clear memories of existence when they were clinically dead, then the evidence for life after death becomes pretty solid.

What about free will, ETs, and the existence of God?

ETs is the easier one of these, because of the evidence that’s out there.  We won’t go into here, but suffice to say that every decade since the 1950s, people have variously seen lights in the sky, flying saucers or discs, bell-shaped craft, and triangular lights and craft.  Add to this sightings of physical beings, and reliable reports from eyewitnesses, as well as testimony gathered by Stephen Greer for the Disclosure Project, one has a very compelling case for the existence of UFOs and the presence of peaceful extraterrestrial civilizations.  Add to this that it is manifestly possible to go out and perform contact protocols and actually reach out and communicate with ETs, with only our thoughts.  Sound crazy?  Think again and look at what CSETI is doing in the CE-5 arena.

And so we come to the question of the origin of life, also a bit easier than the free will question.  Panspermia fits the data much better than any origin on Earth scenario, and isn’t implausible once one realizes that some bacteria can survive quite well in the vacuum of space, in dust particles and in asteroids and comets.  Also, with the idea of ET craft coming and going, one would have to admit that life could have hitched a ride, or been brought from planet to planet, as long as those planets had similar environments.  Seeds, spores, insects, weeds, any manner of things could have hitched a ride on their own.  Many may have been deliberately brought here.  The fossil record is great, but we need the fossil record of many planets across the galaxy to get a full picture of evolution. Of course, we haven’t really answered the question of life’s ultimate origins, but we’ve certainly opened up many new possibilities and scenarios.

Now the free will question.  I can only relate my own experiences.  I asked the free will question first while sitting in a house where I was staying, in Maryland.  I was there for a summer program at in the physics department at NIST.  I had a lot of free time to think about deep questions, and although I spent much of it at the Smithsonian museums, I also spent time thinking about deep questions, such as the free will question.

Later, I had experiences which led me to deeply question my own free will.  I was in a drug-induced delusional or mystical state where I believed there was no free will.  I experienced this as an altered state of consciousness in which I was deep inside a tunnel in the mind, with no choice but to execute one action or thought after another, with no option to do anything differently.  It was an experience that seemed at the time to be a revelation of a terrible underside of reality.  It seemed to me then that the underlying truth was that everything was essentially meaningless.

And yet now, looking back on that experience, I see how the experience was provided to me in answer to the question I had asked.  Back in Maryland, at the end of a long summer day, I saw down and wrote in a notebook, “Is there free will?”  I had put out a question to the universe, and my experience was part of my journey to an answer.  I learned not only then that asking a question sets in motion events in such a way that eventually, you will have the experiences you need to have an answer to your question. 

Indeed, if I look back on that experience, I see now that even in the throes of that altered state, there was a sense of guidance, like a conscience or a barely palpable light, that was guiding me through these tunnels in the mind.  In a sense, maybe that is why it seemed that there was no choice or free will there.

Now the way I look it, there is freedom and deep meaning in existence.  If my simply asking a question could set in motion a sequence of events that would lead me to an answer to that question, then there is a deeper meaning to that which goes on around us.  Try it and see.  Ask the Universe a question that you’ve always wanted to know the answer to.  Then live your life, either forgetting the question or continuing to think about it, and see what happens.

Ah, but I can hear the scientists saying, no, no, no, that leads to subjective reality, and we need to think objectively.  This is where it gets difficult philosophically, because one can get caught up in the debate over whether reality is subjective or objective, and such.  These philosophical debates have no resolution, because they are still caught up in language and either/or logic.  Whereas the truth is duality, like wave-particle duality.  There is a I-God duality that goes on here.

What?  What is an I-God duality?  It is the nature of consciousness, which is somewhat surprisingly, also the nature of quantum particles.  I can be totally localized, an ego, an individual, an “I’, or one can be dissolved into a generalized oneness, a distributed consciousness that is not identified with or as an individual, but as the Whole, this is God consciousness.  Now I’m not saying that we experience that, or even can experience that while in this reality, but that the nature of our soul-self has this duality and theoretically permits this ultimate identification with the divine oneness.

I should have said earlier that this “God” is not the God of the Bible.  The Bible is just a human story about human beings’ understandings about spirituality, reality, and divinity.  It may shed light on spiritual life, morality, goodness, and other things, but it is not really a good source of factual information about the real universal Great Spirit.

And so we have to say that religion is a dangerous thing that seems to do much more to separate humans from God than to connect us to God.

So, there does seem to be a God that can be glimpsed through personal experience, especially mystical experience, and of which each of us is a part, much like particles are part of a unified field.  If you have not had such an experience, seek it out.  Such experiences can be induced by a variety of means, and are well worth exploring.  You do not need to ingest drugs to have such experiences.  I have had revelatory states of consciousness both with entheogenic substances and without drugs.

Now back to free will, if there is a God-I duality that represents consciousness, then the question of free will applies not just to the ego self but to this whole duality wave that is consciousness. So I can say now that if there is free will, then it is total free will in the sense that we create (choose) our reality, where in this case “we'” shall be taken to refer to the collective I-God duality consciousness, not just your egoic “I”.  One can quickly see that at this level, either all the particle dynamics is part of a larger scheme within the totality of existence, and we have total freedom within this, or we are still not truly free and merely execute the flow of the Tao or God-consciousness.

I rather think that we do have free will, and that this is equivalent to a fracturing of the I-self off from the main God-consciousness part of the Self.  That is, the individual will is when we ignore, are unaware of, or act independently or unconsciously, unaware of the flow of the Tao within us.  When we wake up and start to move with the Tao, then we are actually orienting our individual free will toward God, aligning more with the will of God or flow of the Tao.  It does seem like we have the freedom to choose to what degree to align and whether to align at all, but it does also seem that there is something going on with the evolution of consciousness, gradually learning how to become more conscious, more aware, more able to respond freely, rather than automatically, to whatever emotions and situations life presents.  And when we don’t, we often have to go question what went wrong and how we could learn how to be more aware and conscious when faced with similar situations again.  Thus, the question of free will leads to the question of the evolution of consciousness through human experiences and what might be called spiritual lessons.  In other words, dealing with karma.  Karma in the negative sense refers to the existing response pattern, the pattern laid down in the mind, body and brain that is just automatic or preprogrammed.  When karma is released, more freedom to move and respond takes the place of the unthinking behavior that was exhibited initially. The history of the evolution of consciousness could then be thought of as the evolution of all the individual wills (“the Will”) to gradually come into alignment with Spirit.

The final questions pertain to cosmology and I do not have answers to these questions.  However I am asking these questions and am interested in possible answers.  It does seem to me that what passes as cosmology now, the Big Bang theory, has some possible problems, in particular, the question of quasar distances.  But we won’t go there today; that will be left for a future entry.


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