Buzz about contact

There is a buzz in some circles about the possibility of contact with ETs in the near future. This is coming from various channels, people who speak for the ETs. Of course, we cannot know for sure if any of it is true, until contact happens. The fact that ETs do exist should be very clear by now. There is ample evidence from eyewitnesses, as recorded in many “UFO” books from every decade since the 1950s, that we are being visited. Add to that numerous contactee cases, as well as the evidence coming forward from the Disclosure Project about government/military knowledge of extraterrestrials, and one has a convincing case. Of course some will choose to wait until they see it for themselves, which is understandable. We live in a “Seeing is believing” society.

Once you are convinced that they do exist, the next question is what are their intentions? The popular media portrays life from outer space as “aliens” usually bent on our destruction. I think otherwise. If ETs have the power to reach us through the vastness of space, then they have technology that far exceeds our own. If they had wanted to destroy us, we wouldn’t be here. But what about other sinister intentions, such as abductions? Are there really beings that snatch some of us out of the comfort of our beds at night, to perform invasive operations on us, as if we were animals?

Some would say, absolutely not, this is a hoax perpretrated on the public, to instill fear and to ensure that the population is ready to authorize military defense against an invasive alien threat. Authors who have spun such scenarios have received book deals, movie deals, etc., such as Whitley Strieber’s books, Budd Hopkins’ books, John Mack’s first book, the movies Communion and Independence Day.

Another perspective is offered in the various channelled writings. This perspective meshes well with more recent so-called “abduction” literature, such as John Mack’s second book, Passport to the Cosmos. In Passport to the Cosmos, Mack suggests a different perspective on those who have what has been called the abduction syndrome. He says that many experiencers of this phenomenon have seen an evolution in their experiences over time, that corresponds to their releasing their fears and developing a more mature relationship with the beings. The channelled writings of Lyssa Royal, who wrote “Visitors from Within,” offers the explanation that various groups of a race of beings from Zeta Reticuli are performing genetic experiments, using our genes to augment their own species. This is consistent with John Mack’s first book, Abduction, although Lyssa Royal offers the notion that many of the humans who are abducted are ET souls that have incarnated as human beings and agreed at a soul level to participate in the breeding project.

Hmm, pretty wild stuff. Well, who knows? In any case, the “evil aliens abducting humans” scenario does need skeptical scrutiny, especially given that it seems to have attracted a lot of funding. Someone may be pushing that scenario. Is it just that fear sells, or does someone think that fear of ETs would serve their interests?

I’d also offer the notion that karma may be at play here. Humans perform experiments on animals all the time. If there is a karmic price to pay for this, maybe it is that some ETs treat us in that manner.

The thing is, though, that we can’t treat all ETs in the same way. The sightings we have that are credible reveal a diverse assortment of craft, from discs and bells, to triangular craft, to chevron shapes, to glowing balls of light and energy, to cigar-shaped craft, and so on and on. It seems then that visitations are occuring from potentially many different civilizations. And reports from contactees indicate that there are a number of different types of beings. Channelled writings also speak of numerous civilizations, beings and body types.

If we are being visited by many different beings, then we should not assume that all ETs are culpable even if a few have treated us like we treat animals.

Take the Phoenix Lights UFOs, for example. If you have looked at this, you’ll know that in March of 1997, UFOs of enormous size moved slowly and quietly through the skies of Arizona, and were seen by a great many people. Video was taken, and much research has been done and gathered together to piece together the trajectories of what was seen that evening. Alternative explanations, such as flares, that were offerred, have not been consistent with the observations. It seems then that something wanted to be seen by flying slowly over populated areas.

I think that ETs interested only in a breeding project would not show themselves in this way. This display seems to me to be consistent with introducing human beings to the extraterrestrial presence.

Other questions arise as well. How did the beings get here, though the vastness of interstellar space? Are they extraterrestrial or interdimensional (whatever that might mean)? Are they recent arrivals or have they been here all along? Do the ETs have a humanoid body shape and if so why? We’ll explore these ideas in future posts.


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