Clear article explaining the ET situation

A remarkably clearly written and comprehensive account of the current ET / Earth situation.

When one sees such a clear appraisal of the situation, it may be natural to wonder how the author has obtained such information when to most, UFOs are an impenetrable enigma.

Some of the information appears to come from those who have had telepathic connection with ETs. There are many individuals in our world who have contact in this form and who are the speakers for the ETs.  My perspective is that this way of connecting with people allows them to get their messages out into the world without intruding upon the “official” accepted reality.  Not all speakers or channellers have a genuine and clear connection, and it is always up to the reader to determine what resonates with you.  The best information available through such channels is consistent with information obtained through other means, such as reports from extensive investigation of contactees, witnesses from within government or military programs, and so on.

Over the years I have read a lot of this information, and have sifted through what resonates with me.  The author of this article has clearly exercised his discernment well and has sorted through much information from Earthly as well as channeled sources.


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