Life after contact

Contact is said to be just around the corner. Esoteric sources, those who speak for the ETs, the channellers, contactees, star children, and psychics of the world have spoken about it as being very near.  Meanwhile, in our reality, efforts to bring about Disclosure are stepping up.  Many are calling upon President Obama to initiate disclosure and a precursor to formal First Contact.

But are we ready?  Is society ready?  One of the main reasons for the suppression of UFO reports and cover-up of governmental contacts with ETs is known (from the Brookings report and other sources) to be the fear of destabilizing society, of throwing religious beliefs into question, and upsetting the natural order in so many ways. 

A few of us have paid closer attention to what is going on with UFOs and ETs.  We have sifted through much information, sorting out what makes sense from what seems unbalanced and suspect.  As a result, some of us might well be ready, and waiting, for the (to us) long overdue event.  For others, it will come as a surprise.

Some religious leaders already have some ideas about UFO beings.  Some religious leaders equate UFO beings with demons, and fear them as Satan’s deceivers, sent to trap humanity with lies and false promises.  They are ready to place this interpretation before the public when the time for First Contact comes.  What will be the predominant response?   Will people reject these views, and embrace a positive, peaceful vision of the star visitors, or at least give them the opportunity to prove themselves.

There is also a more positive view that Christian leaders could promote. They could point to passages in the Bible that say, by their words shall ye know them.  They could invite their followers to pray for clarity in their understanding of the beings whom we shall meet.  They could invite their followers to pray for discernment in their views of the beings.  Let’s hope the majority of spiritual leaders will do so.  There is reason to think that the Catholic Church will play a significant role in helping Christians adapt to the changes.  I believe it is true that the Catholic leaders at Vatican have knowledge going back many years of what we now call UFOs.  The phenomenon would have been viewed under a different name and world view than current, and may have evolved over many years.  Some higher ranking person at the Vatican has spoken publicly and frankly about the reality of extraterrestrial presence.  Thank you, Monsignore Balducci,  This is a far cry from what the Church did to Giordano Bruno in the year 1600.  He was burned at the stake for refusing to recant his professed beliefs, considered heretical, including a belief in the existence of life on other worlds.  So you see, it is not just a joke that the Church has admitted that heretics were right.  If ET First Contact occurs, it is quite possible that the Pope and other religious leaders will be involved.  This would greatly assist in helping the public assimilate the news. 

Of other religious traditions, I do not know.  However, I do know that some of these ETs were involved in Earth’s early affairs.  What will happen when the ETs begin to address questions on these matters is a very interesting question, which we will take up in a future post.


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  1. Pillendreher said,

    November 25, 2009 at 1:19 am

    I usually dont post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. Kind regards from france

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