Are we becoming more psychic?

I have done psychic readings. I was just an ordinary person, without any “gift” of “second sight”, and yet with some training and dedication, I became a pretty good psychic.  There are indeed psychic training programs available from various churches and metaphysical organizations.  I did many blind readings, with people coming in that I had never seen before.   I did not do Tarot readings, I just went into trace in front of a person, and looked, with intent, at symbols and pictures with inner vision. I always had butterflies in my stomach when a readee would come in.  I was always nervous that it wouldn’t work out.  But it most often did.  I had some misses, where I was off base.  What’s interesting is that I have an idea of why I was off-base on some specific occasions, and each of those is a teaching moment.  I learned that to see clearly, one has to see oneself clearly.  If you cannot see through your own energy system, because it is clogged with low energy, when you try to “look” psychically at the question that is asked, you either see just the blackness behind your eyelids or you see your own picture.  You must first work through this before you can “clear your screen” and see your readee.  This happened frequently.  Every encounter is a healing for both readee and reader, and the more you read, the clearer you become.

We also did energy healings.  Over time, you feel the energy quite well.  There is no longer any wondering about “Am I feeling this or is it my imagination?”  You feel the energy, maybe you even see it.  Maybe you even get validation from the healee, whose inner experience of their own energy maps nicely onto what you were feeling.  Step by step, you acquire the ability to perceive and work with energy.

My psychic teachers emphasized the importance of staying in alignment with God.  Psychic abilities are your God-given potential and right.  You can develop it and use it.  Psychic means “of the soul, or psyche.”  The meaning pertains to the original meaning of the immortal soul, the part of the self that transcends the physical body, and represents our own individual spark of God.  To use psychic abilities without understanding that they are to be used in service of All That is Just and Good is to potentially abuse the gift.

Now the question before us is, are we becoming more psychic?  What I mean to discuss here is, are we progressing spiritually?  In these blog entries, we have explored extraterrestrial contact.  And one of the things that the ETs seem to put a lot of emphasis on is spiritual growth, which includes developing psychically, becoming more connected and aware of the soul.  This makes one more intuitive.  The other thing that the ETs seem to put a lot of emphasis on is that we are fast approaching a major consciousness shift.

I’m not sure where the notion of a Great Shift would be if it were not for these ETs.  Most religions and now even science speak about catastrophe, Armageddon, or runaway global warming.  However, messages that people have brought forth telepathically always talk about the coming changes, including a consciousness shift, and maybe Earth Changes, too.  Or perhaps Earth Changes, but only if we fail to grow enough spiritually.

My thinking is that we are becoming more psychic. I personally have definitely felt that, even though I have not done many readings and healings in recent years.  I do feel more aware and intuitive.  And many people are on personal growth tracks of one form or another.  Even if they are not part of any program, they are growing through their life experiences and encounters with one another.   And what of the children, many of whom are showing astounding giftedness!  And nowadays, fewer parents are suppressing their children’s gifts.

On the other hand, there is the gritty reality of war, the terrible inequity between rich and poor, between the developed and the developing nations, there is a hunger, environmental devastation, and what of genocide?  This is an intense time for good, but also for evil.  Perhaps there is a final showdown of sorts. The drama of the world psyche is playing out on the world stage.  Will we grow and reach for our better natures, or will be succumb to despair, fear, and hatred?

It is a difficult time because it is a time of Great Testing.  Perhaps what was really meant by Judgment Day was not that God on High would pronounce us good or ill, but rather that there come times of testing, when souls individually and collectively determine whether to advance in love and enlightenment, or be drawn into turmoil and confusion.  May we choose wisely.

The ETs speak of continuing psychic development, and eventually a massive shift called ascension.  What are we to make of it?  They speak of planet Earth rising up herself, for she is a soul, they say.  They speak of Mother Earth rising up from third density to fourth, maybe even fifth density.  What these changes might really mean, who can say?  It is a raising of vibration, a move to higher consciousness, a move out of duality consciousness and into Unity consciousness.

Psychologically, I heard it explained using the story of Adam and Eve from Genesis. The Adam and Eve story is the story of third density, for third density is the experience of having fallen from a high place, into a difficult and vibrationally denser reality.  The story of the fall of Adam and Eve represents the soul’s journey out of the higher realms and descent into the world of duality, Earth for the last several thousand years.  Or, another way of putting it is the development of ego consciousness.  The nascent ego is innocent and has little knowledge of good and evil, but develops through experience into a moral being.  The idea of ascension is that we are reversing the original fall, and emerging up into the higher realms once again.  There, we rediscover our inner divine nature, our connection with others, and our psychic nature.  We remember who we really are again.  And so yes, according to the ETs, we are “becoming more psychic”, becoming or remembering more of who we really are, a soul or independent expression of God.  Some say it will happen in 2012, some say it will be a gradual progression over a course of time, who can say?

For the most part, I think what these ETs are saying rings true with what we see in the world.  We can look within and know that we are on the right path.  We can check with our gut and our heart, literally feeling the response of the emotions in the body to what is going on around us.  Part of discovering our soul is connecting with knowingness, that clear calm sense that we just know.  This is a real, pure, solid intuitive grounding.  A grounding that to third density consciousness, is totally invalid. Third density consciousness looks at this and sees nothing, because third density consciousness is by definition disconnected from its true self.

Let’s hope our journey was worth it.  How long have we spent in this Earth reality?  Several hundred lifetimes?  Maybe about 10,000 years?  How will we look back upon this time, once we ascend into a higher realm?   Maybe we are more moral beings, more stalwart and wise, for having had this experience. I think we will never regret the experience, but we will look back with incredible relief, and say “we made it!”



  1. James said,

    December 21, 2009 at 10:04 pm

  2. Gordon said,

    December 23, 2009 at 4:57 am

    Thanks James, this video is beautiful!

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