Allies of Conspiracy

For some people, believing in the UFO cover-up is just too much of a stretch. Perhaps you are one of them.  If so, what you don’t realize is that conspirators have many unwitting allies to help keep their secrets from being officially acknowledged, even if the actual secrets leak out like a sieve and a very significant minority is aware of them.

First of all, conspiracy has an ally, and that is denial.  Put yourself in the position of someone who is interested in concealing a secret.  You know that tongues do wag, and that evidence of most secrets does inevitably come out.  That’s a given.  The trick is to get people into denial, so that when they see the evidence, they discount it.  The trick is to manipulate public opinion to make it unpopular  to believe in the conspiracy.  If you do this successfully, only marginal people will dare to openly proclaim their belief in conspiracy.  If you are very good at it, people will ignore evidence that is staring them in the face.

As a conspirator, debunkers are your best allies!  They will happily apply their zeal for “rationality” on your behalf to tear down those who dare to point out the evil that is being done, often right under the noses of the public.  As long as you can ensure that the “official view” is that the conspiracy belief is an “extraordinary hypothesis,” then you’ve won.  The skeptics will, perhaps unwittingly, fight the battle with those who profess to believe the conspiracy.  It won’t matter how much the believers have seen, or what evidence they bring forth.  It will be torn down in the name of science and reason.

Another ally is social approbation.  The majority of people  do not like to contradict the crowd.  They seek acceptance and approval from the crowd.  There is a huge amount of pressure to conform to social norms. Even oppressed groups, such as minorities, have collective judgments and prejudices.  Members who want to have status in a social group must profess agreement with these judgments in order to be accepted, recognized, and, for leaders, followed.  If you can manipulate social norms, such as making sure that “conspiracy theorist” becomes a pejorative almost everywhere, you will have gone a long way toward ensuring that your conspiracy is safe.

Then there is the comfort of simple obedience.  Many people are simply rule-followers by personality. If official people say something, they do not question it.  Official people could be corrupt liars and often are.  Many terrible regimes have survived on the forces of the multitudes of such people.  If you just follow the rules, then you don’t have to decide anything for yourself.  You probably  get angry at those who do not obey the rules, because they present a threat to your comfortable subservience by reminding you that you have choices.

The UFO situation is of course a classic case of all of these!  People do not decide on the question of whether or not there is a UFO cover-up going on based on the “evidence”.  Few people bother with that!  Most people make up their minds based on their particular social contract.  If the people in their peer group do not profess a belief, then why should they stick their neck out and risk being ostracized, marginalized, or ridiculed?

It takes a bit of courage to stand up for what you believe in.  Go seek out “evidence” for the UFO cover-up and decide for yourself!  Most people can’t be bothered.  You might as well be a step ahead.


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