Marijuana, positive or negative?

Can a sincere spiritual seeker appropriately smoke marijuana?  Some in the spiritual community look down on drugs and alcohol as something of the lower vibrations, which as we ascend up into the higher vibrations, we would let go of.  And yet others who are on a spiritual path look at some drugs, such as marijuana, as “plant allies.”  Many are on a spiritual path because they had a mystical “altered state of consciousness” experience, sometimes an experience that was catalyzed by a drug.

And yet some look at drugs such as marijuana as an ill to be wiped out, a corrupter of minds.  Many of my scientific friends who value intellectual development and achievement above all else, would think anyone insane who used drugs to get high, to risk damaging your brain power.  But the science shows that relatively small amounts are quite harmless.  Similar to other drugs, such as alcohol, where many people use it sparingly and suffer no ill effects, whereas some use it too much and have problems with it.  However, the problems that people seem to have with marijuana, seem relatively benign compared to the problems people have with alcohol.

My view is that marijuana is a valuable plant ally, but that it is possible to overdo it.  Smoking too much can affect one’s mood and relationships.  I believe there are some detrimental physical effects due to excessive indulgence.  The philosophy, everything in moderation, seems appropriate.

People smoke marijuana for different reasons.  My interest in it is a mild enthogen.  I have a lot of respect for the traditional shamanic use of entheogenic plants to enter altered states of consciousness.  I think that marijuana can be a powerful entheogenic substance.  Its most potent effects seem to occur if you indulge sparingly, once per week or less.  If you smoke daily, its entheogenic potential is less dramatic, and it becomes more of an aid to relaxation.


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