Fourth Density

There are many esoteric sources who now speak about a coming transformation that is now beginning.

The earliest text to speak about this phenomenon in great detail is “The Ra Material”, published in the early 80s. This text introduced an entire terminology for the transformation. The channeled entity, named Ra, said that Earth will move from third to fourth density, and that the souls on the Earth would either move into fourth density along with the Earth, or would continue their evolution on other planets in third density, and presumably die and be reincarnated on another world.  They even called this event, which was projected to occur in 2011 (or thereabouts), “the harvest”.

Later channels retained the “density” terminology but not the term “harvest”.  The term “harvest” does bring up the Biblical parable about the separation of the wheat from the tares,  as a metaphor for the Judgment Day.  However in the “Ra Material” text, the harvest is portrayed as a natural determination of the appropriate place for a soul, not as a judgment.

However it does bring to mind the idea that we must prepare ourselves if we want to move into fourth density.  The transition, known also as ascension, is not automatic.  Ra says that most souls will repeat third density.  However, channels disagree on this point; some say that we will all ascend with the Earth.  I suspect that Ra is right on this point, that many souls will not be ready to move to fourth density.  My view is that the Earth has been a place for  backward or immature souls to have a chance to learn and grow, and that is one of the reasons why we have so many criminals and destructive souls among us.

Those who move into fourth density will supposedly then enjoy a harmonious existence, in which each soul is enlightened and treats other souls with dignity, respect, and love.  Earth will no longer be a place where any soul can incarnate, no matter how immature (read: destructive).  It will be heaven on Earth.

I am reminded of the song… “Oh Lord I want to be in that number…. when the saints go marching in…”  The text says that it is not those who remain stuck in one religious dogma that will ascend, it is those souls who seek and find their own answers; those who come to a sense of their own inner truth on matters that are beyond physical proof. 

The Ra Material is highly regarded in channeling circles, but for one who isn’t interested in spirit writings, I understand that it may be regarded with suspicion.  Let us agree that any channeling is suspect.  We all know of channels who went down the wrong path, and clearly started bringing in darker energies.  The trouble is, who knows whether a given channel is clear or not?  The only answer possible is that we must use our discernment, and the other alternative is just to ignore all of it.  I prefer to read and judge for myself, because I do think some of it has great value, and there is currently no other comparable source of information from “the other side.” 

What we can say is that the authors of the Ra material took great pains to ensure that conditions were absolutely ideal when they held channeling sessions.  The Ra entity gave them some odd-sounding ideas on how to ensure the clearest possible channeling sessions, which admittedly to us sounds oddly primitive and superstitious: they placed a Bible at the head of the channel’s bed, open to the first chapter of the Gospel of John.

Regardless, the basic idea of an ascension or harvest or world transformation around 2012 is laid out very clearly in this channeled work.  Many other writers since have expanded or adapted this information, and undoubtedly some have channeled just as good and clear information, and others have simply been copycats, probably introducing many distortions along the way.


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