Divine Timing

Open contact with extraterrestrial life would be the biggest event in human history. There are those who impatiently cannot wait for this to occur. They complain to the skies, “Where are you already?” Such attitudes are not helpful.

What would be more helpful would be to take some kind of constructive action to help bring about contact. Talk to someone who may be open about the possibility. Speak at a level that they can accept and go slowly, letting them absorb what you have to say. Try to open up their minds just a little bit, not too much at once. If they resist too much, drop it.

Or let your desire for UFO disclosure be known. Lobby your governments. Write to the President, the Prime Minister, or whoever is in charge of things where you live. Let them know that you are ready for the truth about extraterrestrials.

There is a divine timing to such things. Beings of higher consciousness are very aware of this. They are “in tune” with the flow of the Tao. They will not move forward unless it is the right time.

There is much that could go wrong with contact. It could be spun in a negative way. This could set us back significantly, and make life painful in ways that it doesn’t need to be.

First Contact, an open visit by extraterrestrial beings to Earth, will happen. It is only a matter of time. We have waited a very long time, I think we can wait a little longer. In the meantime, we all have many other things to do…


Imminent mass decloakings?

For those who pay attention to such things, there are a lot of rumors about First Contact happening soon.  Several channels have been predicting this for some time.  There are also various people who seem to have an insider connection with people in the U.S. government who are suggesting a Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence is being planned.  I have discussed some of these reports in previous blog entries.

Some people seem to think that ETs will abruptly show up en masse in our skies, an event that is called “mass decloaking”, because it really means that the extraterrestrials are already here, and have been all along, but have remained, for the most part, invisible through the use of technology.

I am reasonably certain that the ETs strongly prefer Disclosure before mass decloaking.  It think it is we who must make a move first.

The main reason for this is that with all the science fiction about alien invasion, the public is conditioned to go into fear if “aliens” suddenly swarm the skies.  These beings are native to a higher state of consciousness, and would not want to put us immediately on a war footing.  Nonetheless, they still want their presence known, so they appear to a few, here and there.  The message slowly gets out that we are not alone, except that the mainstream media has absolutely squashed the message, and science has dismissed it as nonsense.

The beings have made crop circles, most recently even allowing themselves to be seen near their creations, but being careful to never to leave undeniable proof that they really exist.

Disclosure would be significant because it would be a collective signal from us that we are ready for contact.  It would be tantamount to a declaration of peace.  It would be a statement to the people that we are safe and can trust these beings enough to start a dialogue with them.

The Future of Religion

In the future, I’m envisioning a world where we all become consciously aware of our own true nature as eternal souls, and know that we are part of a larger being who is the one who created us as souls.  A world where it is known, if not remembered, that we have lived again and again on Earth, and have lived different lives as Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, indigenous shamans, and everything else.  And yet in our past lives we found God in all these different religions.

There could still be different belief systems and religions as suited each culture, but they would be cooperatively joined, united in the understanding that each is a historical institution formed by imperfect human beings doing their best to understand the transcendent divinity.  The members of these Churches, Synogauges, Mosques, Monasteries, Schools, and Temples would recognize that all religions are paths to God, and they would hold no Holy gospel, or any other graven images, to be the ultimate authority.  They would look at the history of the Earth and the history of their religions as the common inheritance of the human race, and appreciate it all for its beauty, even if it is a terrible beauty.  For it all tells the story of the human struggle to evolve and grow, which is the story of the soul’s relationship with God, and perhaps more to the point, our relationship with each other.

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