How to Read Channeled Writings

The problem with channeled writings, especially now in the Internet age, is that anyone can type in anything and call it channeled.  There is usually little or no information provided about what state of consciousness the supposed channeler was in when they brought forth the information.  People can just sit down at their computer, type in a prophecy, and say it is from a high celestial being, such as Sananda, or Metatron, or Melchizedek, or an extraterrestrial from some other star system.

In the early days of channeling, those who performed the channeling provided more information about the channeling process that was used.  For example, Jane Roberts and Robert Butts described in every detail the channelling sessions they conducted, and the authors of the “Ra Material” took great pains to follow the advice of the spirit guide they contacted about how to ensure the maximum possible fidelity during the sessions. While there is still no way to know if the words that were being spoken were true or false, from a false prophet or a true one, there was at least a way to look at how they operated and decide what to believe based on that.

Now, the only thing to do is to decide what you believe based on your own inner sense, the same way you learn the unprovable truths about life from the experience of life on Earth.  There is no way to “prove” that being a loving being rather than a hating being is better, except by learning it through the lessons of living life.  We rely on our inner senses to know what is true for us.  If you are clear and balanced, you can sense the discordant vibration of untruth.  However, that’s a big “if”… how clear are you?

The best thing is to search within and get your own answers, but it may also help to read as much as you can and sort through whatever channeled writings you can find, and practice discerning for yourself what resonates with you.  Anonymous Wizard’s library is full of books from people and entities that purport to know the deeper truths of life.  The wizard has a firm sense of this himself but even I cannot be totally sure if any specific information is true or not.  And as for prophecy, predictions are extremely difficult, especially about the future.

But, look also at the Bible.  They collected the writings of the prophets, even though they also had no certainty that the information was true or not.  Maybe the ramblings of Isaiah were just the crazy stories of an old man.   But they used their judgment to preserve the books anyway.

I’d suggest any aspiring wizard use discernment whatever you are reading, whether it’s the Bible or a channeled message from a supposed being from another planet.  But you should also strive to become a better discerner.  Learn as much reliable truth as you can, learn about math and science, history and philosophy, and everything else that interests you.  To understand the unconventional view, you must first understand the conventional view.  Then read as much metaphysical literature as you can.  At the same time, be involved in spiritual activities and practices, perhaps meditation or Qi Gong, or doing energy healing work, or perhaps even doing psychic work, such as aura readings or past life readings.  In essence, you could channel your own Higher Self.  Any of this will improve your ability to discern the truth and become clearer in your ability to see what is so, and to develop innate knowledge, the knowledge you have within yourself that you are normally not conscious of.  You have this knowlege as a birthright of your divine heritage.

However, be warned that we all have blind spots, and we can all fool ourselves; we can also fool ourselves collectively, so we must be mindful and always a little skeptical and discerning even of what we ourselves see and sense as inner knowing.  There is definitely a growth process.


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