Living in Harmony

A dedicated group of people of high consciousness, working with each other to open up to each other, can create a state of harmony between each other.  I have seen this happen in weeklong retreats. Of course, there must be the right combination of people, the right leadership, and the right set of experiences and guidance to create this openness, but it can be done.   Such an open culture is a very loving, nurturing environment to live in. 

Many seers, wise ones, and prophets have spoken of a coming shift of the ages, which we are undergoing now.  Surely a large part of that shift is moving from disharmony to harmony.  I think that the state of group consciousness that I just mentioned could be glimpse at what the future holds for us after the shift.  In fact, I think that when groups get together, open up to each other, and bond, it helps create the future that we want by creating a little oasis of that kind of consciousness.  Those little pockets of higher consciousness do have an impact.  We really are all connected, because there is really just one consciousness in all of existence.  The separate ego selves are just an illusion.  So when we create those experiences of greater oneness and connection to others, we are reinforcing the pattern of connectedness and harmony in the mass consciousness, and making it just a little bit easier for others to connect and experience harmony. The spiritual growth that we each do individually, affects everyone through our shared collective unconscious mind. 

 A lot of the negativity that exists between people, the armor or defensive energies that we carry, the grudges and prejudices we hold, can be transmuted when people consciously focus on it.  It helps when the individuals who are so intending openly declare their intent to each other to do this, and then have regular discussions where they discuss their concerns.  A good technique that I’m learning now for relationships and households is the weekly business meeting.  An important part of the meeting is the sharing of complaints and compliments.  Those of us in the household, which in my case is myself and two women, my wife and her mother, discuss and register our complaints with compliments with each other each week.  It’s best to require everyone to give the same number of compliments as complaints.  In this way, we hope to “clear the air” regularly each week.

This is really the essence of the work we have to do to grow in consciousness.  In previous posts I have written about the shift into Fourth Density, which is a shift primarily in consciousness similar to what I’ve described small groups doing together in some communities.  If the shift to fourth density is a shift in consciousness, it is possible that we might not notice a huge difference in the outer, physical world.  We might simply notice a much better emotional climate, a world where everyone acts as a friend, and everyone feels safe and harmonious with everyone else pretty much all the time.  It could be a continuation of our Earthly experience, not an abrupt transition to some heavenly, ethereal realm.  This vision of fourth density would feel very good much of the time.  Imagine, knowing that you could trust everyone in your physical reality to be there to help you whenever you had any trouble, and that you never had to fear hostile ones.  It would feel like a safe neighborhood all the time, everywhere.  This would be possible because everyone in that reality would have made a shift into this higher consciousness as well.  You might say that the individual souls would all recognize implicitly that they were all working together as part of the One.  This would be a profoundly different reality, but the outer surface would be much as before, at least until the cooperative culture rebuilt the world on the basis of this reality.

It reminds me of the old story about tables set out for people, one in Heaven, and one in Hell.  And for both tables, everyone at that table has their hands tied such that they can’t feed themselves, despite the fact that there is abundant food on the table.  It is said that the difference beween the table in Heaven and the one in Hell was that in Heaven, those that sat at the table found a way to feed each other, even if they couldn’t feed themselves, whereas at the table in Hell, everyone was starving because they could not help each other.

I think that Fourth Density is going to be like Heaven on Earth, a physical world where people love and care about each other, and know and believe a common inner truth.  I think that small groups of people, with the right intent, the right leadership, and the right conditions, exercises and experiences, can create a shared state of fourth density consciousness.  We would do well to seek out such groups and participate as fully as we can in any efforts to connect and form higher consciousness groups.  One must be careful to choose the groups wisely, and be as careful and discriminating as if you were picking a partner for marriage.


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