The Future of Religion

In the future, I’m envisioning a world where we all become consciously aware of our own true nature as eternal souls, and know that we are part of a larger being who is the one who created us as souls.  A world where it is known, if not remembered, that we have lived again and again on Earth, and have lived different lives as Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, indigenous shamans, and everything else.  And yet in our past lives we found God in all these different religions.

There could still be different belief systems and religions as suited each culture, but they would be cooperatively joined, united in the understanding that each is a historical institution formed by imperfect human beings doing their best to understand the transcendent divinity.  The members of these Churches, Synogauges, Mosques, Monasteries, Schools, and Temples would recognize that all religions are paths to God, and they would hold no Holy gospel, or any other graven images, to be the ultimate authority.  They would look at the history of the Earth and the history of their religions as the common inheritance of the human race, and appreciate it all for its beauty, even if it is a terrible beauty.  For it all tells the story of the human struggle to evolve and grow, which is the story of the soul’s relationship with God, and perhaps more to the point, our relationship with each other.


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