Divine Timing

Open contact with extraterrestrial life would be the biggest event in human history. There are those who impatiently cannot wait for this to occur. They complain to the skies, “Where are you already?” Such attitudes are not helpful.

What would be more helpful would be to take some kind of constructive action to help bring about contact. Talk to someone who may be open about the possibility. Speak at a level that they can accept and go slowly, letting them absorb what you have to say. Try to open up their minds just a little bit, not too much at once. If they resist too much, drop it.

Or let your desire for UFO disclosure be known. Lobby your governments. Write to the President, the Prime Minister, or whoever is in charge of things where you live. Let them know that you are ready for the truth about extraterrestrials.

There is a divine timing to such things. Beings of higher consciousness are very aware of this. They are “in tune” with the flow of the Tao. They will not move forward unless it is the right time.

There is much that could go wrong with contact. It could be spun in a negative way. This could set us back significantly, and make life painful in ways that it doesn’t need to be.

First Contact, an open visit by extraterrestrial beings to Earth, will happen. It is only a matter of time. We have waited a very long time, I think we can wait a little longer. In the meantime, we all have many other things to do…


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