Cocreating in Mind, Body and Spirit

We are created in the image of the Creator.  We are creative beings.  We are creators in education, and the best and fastest education of all is trial by fire, immersion in the vicissitudes of polarity.  Life on Earth.

We are cocreators of this reality. We like to blame God for the travails of the human experience. But it is our collective lack of compassion and care for each other that leads to the world being a place of such suffering.

We can create a better world, and we each contribute to that. We create through actions, words, and thought. Creating a better world through action, we know how to do.  We serve in whatever way we can. Creation through action is creation with the body. Through words we also create. We do change the world through our words, our communication with others, through relationship. We teach each other, we affect each other emotionally, we can inspire or hurt others, all through words.    Creation through words is creation with the mind. We also create through thought. Our thoughts, beliefs and intentions do affect the world in a mysterious, magical way.  Prayer, manifestation, the power of intent, creating our reality, doing mock ups… it is all how we as spirit create.  Creation through thought is creating with the spirit.  Creating in this way validates our divine nature. We can create in this way because we are made in the image of God.